Touchfire Keypad

Touchfire Keypad

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Touchfire’s patented keys also cushion your fingers as you type, something both touch-typists and two-finger typists appreciate. Typing on your iPad is no longer a pain!


The Touchfire iPad keyboard is as thick as two credit cards and weighs just 3/8 of an ounce. The result is as revolutionary as when cell phones started to have built-in cameras. Whether you type all day or only occasionally need to reply to an email, Touchfire will always be there, without adding noticeable bulk or weight. The Touchfire keyboard works with all four generations of full-size iPads, from the original iPad 1 to the current fourth generation model.

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Available to Malaysia (East & West), Singapore

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  • Supported International Keyboards: 
    • Canadian French, Catalan, Cherokee, Chinese Simple and Traditional Pinyin, Chinese Traditional Cangjie, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, Estonian, German (QWERTY), Hawaiian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese Romaji, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Swiss French, Serbian Latin, Slovak, Tibetan, Turkish and Vietnamese.
    • *Note that the Touchfire keyboard works with the Swiss French and Canadian French keyboards, but not the French AZERTY keyboard.

  • Touchfire is 100% compatible with Apple’s Smart Cover,Smart Case and the black iPad 1 case. It is also compatible with most third-party cases – as long as they leave enough room on the surface of the iPad for Touchfire.



Touchfire is a true labor of love from two tech product veterans, Steve Isaac and Bradley Melmon. Steve has been passionate about mobile computing since the late 80s, when he was one of the first employees at a Silicon Valley company called GO that made one of the world’s first tablet computers. He also worked on Microsoft’s first mobile operating system, Windows CE.

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