Grandpa's Mug

Grandpa's Mug

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Home accessories and unique gifts for all you fierce non-conformers to use and/or treasure.


Old, used objects have a unique character and tell a story of their own. This is why the Orange Dutch Design duo took an old mug and made an exact copy of it. Now this tableware is ready to begin a new story with you.

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Delivery 1 to 3 working days
Available to Malaysia (East & West), Singapore

Product Information

Brand Name Chris Koens and Ramon Middelkoop
Origin Netherlands
Additional Info

Dimensions: 100 x 120mm



INVOTIS is a synonym for creative and distinguishing home accessories, eye-catching gadgets and original gifts. Right from the start, in 1995, when I started this wholesale business with my father, we have been surprising demanding retailers with items that stood out because of their quality and high finishing level; products that make people smile and that always have a unique twist.

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