Black Ecobook2

Black Ecobook2



Recycled paper book cover – great for doodles and such. Save paper, save trees!


Almost everyone has made mistakes when printing out paper, whether at the office or at home.

Ecobook encourages you to reuse the paper (instead of chucking it) by making use of the clean side.Simply insert the recycled papers into Ecobook2 with the clean side facing up and you're all set to write notes or to draw.

The Ecobook2 comes with a pencil that doubles as a lock when placed in its slot.

Shipping Info

Delivery 1 to 3 working days
Available to Malaysia (East & West), Singapore

Product Information

Brand Name Meilin Chen
Color Black
Material Recycled paper board (innner), patterned paper (cover)
Additional Info
  • Size:24 X 16 X 1.8 cm



Save paper, save trees!

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