Compleat Modular

Compleat Modular



Packing meals from home is easier with Unikia’s range of innovative and complete kitchenware! Reduce the use of paper food bags with the 100% reusable silicone food bag. Pack different sized portions with the Modular set of containers and keep your homemade sandwiches in shape with the Food Skin! Intrigued? Check out all the unique options that will make preparing healthy meals simpler and more fun!  


The Modular is the answer to all your meal packing needs for work or school. This set includes four different containers plus a wrapping sleeve that doubles as a place mat and chopping board! The air tight containers help to keep smaller food portions fresh and can be conveniently stored within each other once you’re done!

Shipping Info

Delivery 1 to 3 business days
Available to Malaysia (East & West), Singapore

Product Information

Brand Name Compleat
Color White
Additional Info

• Modular design
• 4 waterproof boxes
• Case doubles as a table cloth and cutting board



The Compleat range was created out of our frustration with the limited uses and boring choice of lunchboxes that were available to consumers. We wanted to give people beautifully stylish lunchboxes of great quality and unique and innovative functions. Lunchboxes that people could be proud of. All the Compleat models have been designed, developed and tested in Norway which has a well-known tradition of using lunchboxes. Compleat Lunchboxes are of course BPA safe and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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