Beermo Mix Colours

Beermo Mix Colours



You'll never lose your drink again… and you may even make a new friend!


The New Beardo BeerMo's™ are ideal party favours as they liven up any shindig or night out! Simply clip them on any bottled beverage! Not only do they add some class to your drink, but they also make your bottle stand out from the crowd! 

The BeerMo™ Bottle mustache has six colors in one pack: Black, Brown, Hot pink, Yellow, Ginger (red/orangish) and St.Patty's Green! 

Shipping Info

Delivery 1 to 3 working days
Available to Malaysia (East & West), Singapore

Product Information

Brand Name Beardo
Origin Canada
Material Made of hygienic and FDA approved silicone
Additional Info
  • Can easily fit any typical bottle, mic or soothers
  • Lightweight and easily carried



Beardo beard hats are the brainchild of Jeff Phillips, a Canadian-born winter enthusiast who has a passion for snowboarding. Jeff has been chasing perfect powder runs all around the globe and came up with the first make-shift Beardo in Whistler, B.C back in 2007 while at the Blackcomb mountain summit, at 7th heaven.
Once the first few Beard hat designs were put out to the public, we really didn’t know what to expect, but the response said it all. They were very quickly picked up by a range of people, not just skiers and snowboarders, as originally thought. As the design started gaining some recognition and press, more and more people became interested and even outdoor workers started using them on the job!
Our goal is to keep Beardowear current and fresh by continually launching new, innovative products, while providing top quality customer service. The rest of the story will have to write itself. Stay tuned… Keep the sand between your toes and the snow off your face.

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