BYO Cup Vintage - Mint Lid

BYO Cup Vintage - Mint Lid

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The BYO Coffee Cup™ keeps your coffee warm yet it’s cool to the touch. It is dishwasher friendly, microwave friendly and user friendly. It won't harbor bacteria or break down under normal use. Made from food-grade silicone, it’s firm but flexible, light-weight but tough, and will withstand 200ºC heat. It’s pretty much indestructible.


This cup’s classic design has been nominated for an Australian Design Award (2011). It is made to industry standards and comes in a 340ml size.

Shipping Info

Delivery 1 to 3 working days
Available to Malaysia (East & West), Singapore

Product Information

Care Dishwasher and microwave friendly
Brand Name HookTurn Industries
Material Food-grade silicone
Additional Info

· 12oz size (340ml)


Hookturn Industries

Hookturn Industries is a collective who want to celebrate Melbourne-ness. Our name comes from the uniquely Melbourne traffic signs that help cars and trams peacefully co-exist. Each one a reminder that sometimes you have to turn left to go right.

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